Big or small – it doesn’t matter.

We are a one-stop-shop in logistics that delivers value and provides end-to-end logistics that meets or exceeds our customers’ goals. Customer relationships are the lifeblood of our business – the reason why we consider a carrier a customer and extend the same level of professionalism to a transaction with them as we do it with shippers.

In everything we do, we aim to be an asset to our customers and carriers alike.  When our customers and carriers look back on their year in review, we want working with IGT to be considered one of their best business decisions of the year.  This is accomplished by hard work, honesty, and always improving levels of customer service.


IGT Logistics makes it easier and in one click to shippers to have a rate that matches customers’ and market requirements.

Simply insert below details of commodity / origin & destination / dates of pick and delivery, and you will get an answer within an hour.

Get a competitive, no obligation freight quote with up-to-minute shipping rates from the best high ranked carriers


    Having started as a trucking company, we know who does the heavy lifting in this industry. That’s why we’ll always listen to our carriers, be there for them when they need us, regardless if it’s Christmas Eve or 3 AM in the morning, offering complex solutions to any issues they may have.

    Treating drivers and dispatchers as equal business partners made it possible to build strong relationships with carriers all around the country.


    Flatbeds are the industry standard for hauling outside-the-box freight. They allow for quick and easy loading from the side or top. But when you need to accommodate taller cargo than a flatbed, step decks are a good option. Available in many modifications, step decks add an edge to hauling unique cargo. And double drops? They‘re made to haul equipment and cargo that’s taller than any other standard open deck trailer.


    We bring expertise to the table.
    Using hotshots and shipping partial flatbeds or flatbed LTL is a great way to save some money. Should the cargo fit with this type of equipment or shipping method, you can count on us to offer you an option to save you a few bucks!


    We do it all.
    Even if it fits in a box trailer, we have the carrier partnerships to make your shipment happen. Anywhere in the country, you name it. Our years of experience mean we’ll get your cargo where it needs to go on time and within budget.


    Flatbeds, step decks, and double drops all have stretch and Conestoga versions. Stretch trailers are ideal for over-length and non-self-supporting loads, while Conestogas offer unique tarping capabilities and allow for instant cargo access. Low profile step decks are a go-to for freight that’s slightly taller than a standard step deck can legally haul. And an RGN is a modified double drop that detaches from the truck and has built-in ramps to allow equipment to be driven or rolled on/off.

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